This site serves as a repository of research conducted by BAC faculty and administrators on issues pertaining to the study of architecture and interior design.
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Neologism, Translation, Evocation and Equivalence:
Searching for Authenticity Through the Modern

By Eytan Fichman

Conservative Values and Technological Change:
New England Architecture meets Virtual Space

By Sally Levine & Warren Wake

Paper presented at the ACSA Northeast Regional Conference, Fall 2000. It examines the term “conservative” when applied to architectural practice in New England and the process by which the profession and the region can hope to participate in innovative technology.


Color and Color Theory Materials List
By Sally Levine et al.

Exploration of the colors and textures associated with the following six materials: tile, glass, metal, plastic, stone, and wood.


Hybrid teaching: Design Studios in Virtual Space
By Sally Levine & Warren Wake

Paper presented at the National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists on October 20, 2000. The paper presents the application of hybrid teaching in the design studio and the relationship of the physical and virtual settings of hybrid education.


Virtual Materials/Resource Library
By Sally Levine & Bill Phillips

Complement to the BAC’s physical materials/resource library, located on the fifth floor of 320 Newbury Street. Together, these spaces provide information about and tactile examples of the interior designer's palette.


Architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina
By Javorka Saracevic

Webpage developed with the support of a BAC Education Committee Travel and Research Grant (EDCO Grant) during 2000-01. It documents through the use of photographs the diverse architectural styles of this region.

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